Adventurous Lodgings



 Below are some of the many activities that can be offered. 

 Check the Molenwaard Courant to see which ones are on during your holiday.

Help the zookeeper
Get out of bed early in the morning to look after the animals together with the zookeeper. Feed the sheep, brush the rabbits and collect eggs from the chickens.

Making an apple house
Have you always wanted to make an apple house? Under supervision, you will spend two days (2x one hour) making a beautiful house for insects and birds. Come to the greenhouse and turn your apple house into a beautiful hotel. 

Old-Dutch games
Come and play together! The old-Dutch games are played under supervision. Various old-Dutch games such as spiked punting, sack races, can throwing and tug-of-war will be played. 

Farm Bingo
For the children, there is a real Farm Bingo! Take your bingo card, cross off the numbers and enjoy the real farm prizes that you might take back to your cottage!

Take part in Farmers' Golf. Under supervision, the teams are divided and each goes through a course with their farm golf stick. Taking turns, one participant from a team hits a ball. When you have shot through the gate, you have to answer a question. If you answer the question correctly, you may continue! Who will reach the finish line as quickly as possible?