Adventurous Lodgings


The Farm & Play

Climbing, clambering, playing, cuddling animals, vegetable gardening and much more ... For our young guests, Holiday Park Molenwaard is one large educational polder play paradise!

Playing around in the open air is what every child wants, right ?! There is always something going on at the many playgrounds, spread throughout the park. Learn to 'polder' and build dams at the Nature Games, play on the Horse Cart and climb on the swing sees of Mike the sheep, Sebastian the pig or Rosa the cow. Of course, the Treehouse of Fien & Teun should not be missed!

All play areas at the holiday park have their own theme. You will find this theme reflected in your Polder passport. And who knows, you might collect another Polder stamp! If you would like to know more about the entertainment and the polder passport, click here!

Animal friends
In the meadow of the farm, you will find the sweetest animals: from little goats to chirping ducks. In the barn, you can cuddle the bunnies and help feed the sheep. They'll eat right out of your hand!

In a playful way, children learn all about animals while making friends they will never forget!

Kitchen garden
Why is a tomato green before turning red? How does a potato grow? And does lettuce grow like a leaf on a tree? Learn all about it in the Mini Kitchen Garden at the holiday park. In a playful way, children learn where their food comes from.

The Mini Kitchen Garden can be found at the Nature Games.

More Farm Fun?
Would you like to experience even more fun farm activities with the whole family? Spend a day at theme park Adventure Farm Molenwaard: where playing is discovering!