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Gourmet pakkage

Enjoy your vacation to the fullest by ordering a gourmet package. We'll deliver this along with a gourmet set to your accommodation. Treat yourself and order a gourmet package: regular, deluxe, vegetarian, and/or for kids. Each package includes various sauces, homemade salads, baguette with 2 different dips, mushrooms, onions, wedges, and butter.

Gourmet package prices: Regular

Steak, pork chop, mini hamburger, marinated chicken fillet €17.95 per person


Steak, marinated chicken fillet, prawns, salmon fillet €20.95 per person


Mini vegetable burger mix, zucchini with halloumi, omelet, stuffed mushrooms €16.95 per person


Mini hamburgers, chicken fillet, pancake batter €8.95 per person

Prices include rental of the gourmet set.

The gourmet package can be added after booking your stay via