Adventurous Lodgings


Museum Nieuwpoort

♦ Hoogstraat 53, Nieuwpoort ♦ 12 min. ♦

Discover the treasures of the keeper of Holland. At Museum Nieuwpoort, young and old are taken on an interactive journey into a time when Nieuwpoort becomes part of the Old Dutch Waterline. A period marked by struggles, destruction, occupations, and reconstruction.

Travel back in time and explore how this ancient city on the Lek River was strongly influenced by water. See the history of Nieuwpoort through the eyes of figures such as Willem Paen, architect of the fortified city, Johan de With, commander of the militia, and the farmers. Let yourself be surprised by the stories told through listening chairs, videos, and the scale model. Visit Museum Nieuwpoort in the monumental Town Hall dating back to 1697 and uncover the secret of Nieuwpoort.

In addition to the permanent exhibition, there is also a rotating exhibition.

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