Adventurous Lodgings



Venture out into the nature-rich surroundings of our park, right in the heart of the Green Heart, and just beyond. Stroll along shallow lagoons, walk across open sand flats, or cycle past endless green meadows with pollard willows. Enjoy the unique surroundings during your stay at Vakantiepark Molenwaard and take the most beautiful walks. Here are some favorite tips:

Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie ♦ 15 min. ♦

Discover the largest national monument in the Netherlands: the New Dutch Waterline. Hidden in nature, historical buildings of this 85-kilometer-long defensive line suddenly appear. Start your special journey through this National Landscape, consisting of 45 forts, 6 fortresses, 2 castles, 85 machine gun casemates, over 700 concrete shelters, and many more hidden robust locations. More information

Natuureiland Sophiapolder ♦ 20 min. ♦

Experience mudflat walking in South Holland at Natuureiland Sophiapolder. Go on an excursion with the forest ranger in the dynamic nature reserve with sandbanks and creeks, constantly changing under the influence of the tide. Experience the complete island feeling in one of the most heavily navigated rivers in the Drechtsteden. More information

Loetbos ♦ 30 min. ♦

Embark on an adventure with the whole family through the Loetbos in South Holland. Wind your way along the winding, old peat river the Loet. Find your way through a mix of trees, marsh, open grassland, pools, and ponds, while ducks, swans, cows, and birds provide pleasant company. More at the reception

Nationaal Park De Loonse en Drunense Duinen ♦ 40 min. ♦

Experience the free play of sand and wind at Nationaal Park De Loonse en Drunense Duinen. Walk or cycle through one of the largest drifting sand areas in Western Europe. The undisturbed blowing of the wind and changing of the seasons make each visit a new experience. Which route will you choose? More information

Nationaal Park Utrechtse Heuvelrug ♦ 45 min. ♦

Relax amidst the forests and hills of Nationaal Park Utrechtse Heuvelrug. Explore the many hiking or cycling routes along the stately estates, hidden military monuments, and unique Dutch flora and fauna. Clear your mind and be inspired on the Heuvelrug. More information