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UNESCO World Heritage Kinderdijk

♦ Nederwaard 1B, Kinderdijk ♦ 20 min. ♦

Step into the heart of Dutch history at UNESCO World Heritage Kinderdijk during your visit to the world-famous windmills! Travel back in time in an adventure filled with mighty sails, water, and determination at the museum mills and among the residents. After all, what is it like to live in an area entirely below sea level? Take the reins at the controls of the polder table at the Wisboom pumping station and witness how the Kinderdijk windmills operate. Experience the authentic story of the Low Countries, in a unique interplay between humans, technology, and nature. Walk or cycle along the beautiful mills of Kinderdijk and enjoy the spectacular view.

Boat Tour

Take a seat on one of the tour boats and let the impressive world heritage site glide past you from the water. Set your own course and leisurely capture the best photos of this iconic piece of the Netherlands.

Visitor Center

Which path will you choose? At the visitor center, you'll find all the information for your day at Kinderdijk. Take your time and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and a fresh sandwich or other treat, with the nineteen Kinderdijk mills in the background.

Museum Mills

Since 1997, the nineteen Kinderdijk mills have been part of UNESCO World Heritage. Three mills are specially opened for you. Take a look at the Nederwaard Museum Mill and experience how this mill, built in 1738, still smoothly makes its rotations. Curious about life in the 1950s? Then Museum Mill Blokweer is definitely worth a visit! Or do you want to know everything about technology? Quickly sail to Museum Mill Overwaard: the only mill that can pump water in two directions!

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Kinderdijk Package

Do you want to immerse yourself completely in our traditional Dutch culture, with a special visit to UNESCO World Heritage Kinderdijk? Then quickly book the Kinderdijk Package at Holiday Park Molenwaard!