Adventurous Lodgings


Vesting Triangle

Five beautiful towns, three dynamic provinces... from impressive fortresses to picturesque city streets. And all of this in just one day! Explore the most remarkable spots in the Vesting Triangle, situated between the major rivers of our country. With a ferry, you'll sail from one hotspot to another of the Dutch Water Line.

Slot Loevestein ♦ 35 min. ♦

Slot Loevestein: a day of historical entertainment for young and old alike. Immerse yourself in the world from which Hugo de Groot managed to escape. Receive your personal key to the most famous castle in the Netherlands, dress up as a knight or princess, and explore the castle with its many stories. Experience the eventful history of Slot Loevestein; a unique place where nature and culture meet. More information

Fort Vuren ♦ 20 min. ♦

Visit the coziest tower fortress in the New Dutch Water Line: Fort Vuren. After an extensive tour of this important piece of military heritage, built in 1844, find peace and a delicious lunch on the terrace of the Fortwachterij, in the shade of the trees. More information

Gorinchem ♦ 15 min. ♦

Explore the largest fortified town in the Netherlands: Gorinchem. Take a stroll along the historic fortifications, with the Dalempoort, impressive cannons, and windmills as a beautiful backdrop. Then head to the bustling city center with its many terraces and unique shops. Still have time? Gorinchem is also the ideal starting point for the most beautiful walks and bike rides along the Linge, Maas, and Waal rivers! More information

Woudrichem ♦ 25 min. ♦

Woudrichem: a pleasant stay in the city of river fishing. As a fortified town, Woudrichem was part of both the Old and New Dutch Water Lines. Discover the historic harbor, wander along the centuries-old facades, and enjoy a refreshing drink on the terrace. Now walk through the setting of the youth series Floris, the film classic Winter in Wartime, or the TV series Doctor Tinus. More information

Zaltbommel ♦ 35 min. ♦

Uncover the secret of the town with the spireless tower: Zaltbommel. This lively Gelderland fortified town boasts a beautiful array of art and culture, as well as unique shops, cozy restaurants, and ancient city walls. Feeling adventurous? Wander through Zaltbommel, searching for the funny gutter sprites! More information