Adventurepark Molenwaard

Is Adventure Farm Molenwaard located next to Family Resort Molenwaard?

Family Resort Molenwaard is located at Bloklandsekade 5 in Ottoland. In contrast, Adventure Farm Molenwaard is located on Wilgenweg 3 in Groot-Ammers. Both locations are about 16 kilometres apart and about 10 minutes away by car.

Is Adventure Farm Molenwaard open 365 days?

As a guest of Family Resort Molenwaard, you have unlimited access to the Adventure Farm in Groot-Ammers. During the winter season, the Adventure Farm may not be open every day of the week. Please consult the website and check the opening hours.

Do I need to buy a parking ticket at Avonturenboerderij Molenwaard as a guest of the resort?

No, if the Fien & Teun Polderbus is not driving, you do not need to buy a parking ticket. You will receive a parking ticket at the cash desk at the Adventure Farm. Will the Fien & Teun Polderbus be riding during your stay, but do you prefer to go by car? Then you need to buy a parking ticket at the cash register. The cost for this is €8,50.

Do we need to make a reservation for Adventure Farm Molenwaard?

Yes, you need to make a reservation. Before your stay, you will receive an email with the tickets for the Adventure Farm. This mail will also contain a reservation link to book your visit. We would like to ask you to do this for each desired day. There is always room for guests of Family Resort Molenwaard!

Where can I find the activity schedule of Adventure Farm Molenwaard?

There is plenty to do at the Adventure Farm every day. For example, there are various educational Farmers' Cart shows, dazzling shows by Fien & Teun. On the forecourt at the Adventure Farm you will find a daily programme on the chalkboard.


Past er in elke accommodatie een ledikant?

Met uitzondering van Kinderdijk Cottage 4p en 6p, Stip de Pony Lodge 4p en 6p, Avonturentent 4p en Polderlodge 2p. In alle andere accommodaties past een babybed in de accommodatie. 

Wil je meerdere ledikanten in één accommodatie? Neem dan contact op via +31 (0)184 784 078 of via

What kind of coffee maker is in the accommodations?

There is a filter coffee maker in the accommodations, except in the Luxe Hooischuren, Luxe Fien & Teun Boerderij and Luxe Dorpsstraat 612 Rosa de Koe & 611 Pim de Hond, here there is a Nespresso Zenius with hot water function.

For the filter coffee makers, you need to bring your own coffee and filters. You can also buy this in the grocery store. If you are staying in a hotel accommodation, filters, coffee, milk and sugar are provided in the hotel accommodation.

For the Nespresso machines, there is one cup per person in the accommodation. Please note the cups from the supermarket do not fit in this machine. You can buy the cups in the Grocery store. 

Are there accommodations suitable for disabled people?

Yes, De Hooimijt is suitable and fully adapted for disabled persons. You can choose between the 4-person and 8-person accommodation. Select the characteristic 'disabled' in the search and book function on our website and you will see all available accommodation in the desired period. Can't find it? Then please contact us via +31 (0)184 784 078 or

Do all accommodations have private bathroom and kitchen facilities?

Yes, all accommodations have their own bathrooms and kitchens.


Why do I need to pay a deposit?

A €50.00 deposit is charged with each booking to guarantee the condition of each accommodation.

When will we receive the deposit back?

If the accommodation was left undamaged and tidy according to the checklist in the Molenwaard Courant, you will receive the deposit back within five working days of checking out to the same account used to pay for the booking.

Why did we not get the deposit back or part of it?

If you have not received the deposit back within five working days, the accommodation has not been left according to the guidelines or there has been damage and we are obliged to retain the deposit and cover unforeseen costs. If this is the case, we will contact you.

Cleaning and bed linen

What does bed linen make-up service entail?

We ensure a carefree arrival, where you can jump straight into your bed! We make the beds as standard. The price also includes cleaning costs, which are calculated per person.

Is it possible to book extra towels and/or kitchen towels?

Yes, that is possible! A towel set, consisting of one large towel and one small towel, can be booked for €7.00 per person. A kitchen set, consisting of one handtowel and one tea towel, can be booked for €6.00.

Can we bring our own bed linen and towels?

Bed linen make up service is included and this charge is mandatory. A towel set can be optionally booked. Of course, you are free to bring your own towels and a kitchen set for in the accommodation.

Found objects

I forgot stuff in the accommodation. Have you found this?

All found items are taken to Guest Services. They can check whether the products you suspect have been forgotten have been found. We can be reached daily from 8am to 8pm at +31 (0)184 784 078 or 

I lost something at the park. Have you found this?

All found items are taken to Guest Services. They can check whether the products you suspect you have forgotten have been found. We can be reached daily from 8am to 8pm at +31 (0)184 784 078 or 

Hotel stay

Where can I book hotel accommodation?

Relax completely. Would you like to stay one or two nights or arrive on a day other than Monday, Wednesday or Friday? Then stay in one of our hotel accommodations. You can book hotel accommodation here.

What is included in a hotel stay?

If you have booked a hotel stay, your accommodation includes a made bed, a towel set per person and a kitchen set. Would you like to be completely unburdened? A fully catered delivery breakfast, both for adults and children, can be optionally booked at the Guest Service. Or enjoy the Fien & Teun Breakfast Buffet at Family Restaurant Molenwaard on Thursday and Sunday mornings.

My Familiy Resort Molenwaard

I can't log in to My Holiday Park Molenwaard. What should I do now?

This could be due to several factors. You can contact us at +31 (0)184 784 078 or We will then look at the possible cause with you.

Where can I change the arrival time in My Holiday Park Molenwaard?

First of all, you need to log in to My Family Resort Molenwaard. Once you have done this, the correct booking can be selected. In the overview you can change the desired arrival time (15.00, 16.00, 17.00 etc.). Is your preferred time of arrival no longer available? Then you can choose a different arrival time. Of course we will do our utmost to deliver the accommodation gleaming clean as soon as possible!

During booking

Is it possible to book a preferred location?

During the booking process, it is possible to indicate a preferred location, provided it is available in the desired period. The preference surcharge is €39,95 and with this you are guaranteed to book the desired accommodation.

I would like to book more than one accommodation. How can I do this?

How nice that you are coming to stay with a larger party. It is not possible to book several accommodations at once via the website. To do so, please contact us at +31 (0)184 784 078 or

Can I take an option on accommodation at Holiday Park Molenwaard?

Do you want to book accommodation, but cannot finalise your booking yet given certain circumstances? It is possible to submit a request for accommodation. We will hold it in option for you. You must confirm the option within 5 working days. You can submit a request via +31 (0)184 784 078 or 

I may want to add a Farm Safari. Is this possible at a later date?

Want to make your vacation extra fun? Then book one of our Farm Safari's at. A Farm Safari can be added to the reservation during the booking process, but this can also be done at a later time prior to your stay. If you would like to book the Farm Safari at a later time, you can do so via My Family Resort Molenwaard. If you don't quite get there, you can reach us at +31 (0)184 784 078 or 

Rebooking or cancellation

I want to rebook my booking to another period. Is this possible?

The booking can be cancelled free of charge up to 14 days after making the reservation, unless the booking is made within 28 days before the start of the stay. If a payment has already been made within this period, the booking can be rebooked to another date at a rebooking fee of €39.95. When changing to a more expensive period or accommodation, the additional fee will be charged. If the period or accommodation is cheaper than the previous booking there will be no refund and the cost of accommodation will remain the same.

I would like to cancel my booking. What are the cancellation conditions?

Check-in and check-out

What time can I check in?

Standard check-in times are 17:00 to 20:00. If you want to check in earlier, this is also possible from 15.00 hours. You can change your arrival time in My Family Resort Molenwaard. You can change your arrival time up to 48 hours before arrival. You are of course welcome to use our park facilities and visit Adventurepark Molenwaard throughout the day.

I leave before 8 am. Where can I return the key?

The Guest Service opens at 8am.Leaving outside the Guest Service hours? Then you can leave the key in the green letterbox at the bike shed to the Guest Service.

I expect to arrive after 8pm. Where can I pick up the key?

If you arrive after 20:00, please contact us in advance. The key and necessary information will be ready at Family Restaurant until 21:00.

Can I use all park facilities on the day of arrival and departure?

Yes, you can! You are welcome to stay at Adventurepark Molenwaard and Family Resort Molenwaard all day. Both on day of arrival and day of departure.

What time should I check out by?

You should leave the accommodation by 10.00 am at the latest and return the key to the Guest Services. Our facility stars will take care of the final cleaning. However, we do ask you to take down the beds, empty the dishwasher, throw away the rubbish and leave the accommodation swept clean.

During the stay

Can I rent bikes from you?

Yes! At the Guest Service we rent out different types of bikes, such as children's bikes, electric cargo bikes, electric ladies' and men's bikes. You can reserve the bikes at Guest Services or online. View the range here: Cycling in South Holland? | Family Resort Molenwaard

Where can I charge my electric car?

The large car park has 12 charging stations. Electric cars can be charged there.

Can I park my car at the accommodation?

Family Resort Molenwaard is a car-free park. You can drive to your accommodation via the paved roads to load and unload your car on the day of arrival and departure. There are two parking spaces within the barriers where the car can be parked safely.

Is there free Wi-Fi at the park?

Each accommodation has its own WiFi connection.The WiFicode is t evinden on a sticker in the kitchen and on the television.

How many cars can I park for free in the car park

When booking 2- or 4-person accommodation, one car can be parked for free and when booking 6- or 8-person accommodation, up to two cars are included for free. When booking 10- or 16-bed accommodation, we apply one free car per four people.Parking an additional vehicle is possible. This costs € 5.00 per vehicle or trailer.


Do you have a swimming pool?

No, we do not have a swimming pool. On hot days you can swim in the natural lake or cool off at our water fountains on Dorpsstraat. There are (outdoor) swimming pools nearby. Outdoor pool De Doetsekom, Subtropical Swimming Paradise Caribabad and Bronbad de Lockhorst are all within 15 minutes from the Family Resort. 

Is there a launderette at the park?

A laundry with washing machines and dryers is located in the main building. The cost for washing is €3.50 and for drying €2.10. Payment can be made contactless with a valid debit card.

What are the breakfast options?

There are several breakfast options when you stay with us! Order your fresh bread from 'De Kruidenier' in advance, join the Fien & Teun Breakfast Buffet on Thursday and Sunday mornings or enjoy a fully catered delivery breakfast within the desired time frame in your own accommodation.

Where can I go for lunch?

You can enjoy a delicious lunch at Molenwaard Family Restaurant when it is open. Of course, you can also enjoy a variety of dining options at Molenwaard Adventure Farm: sandwiches, French fries and snacks, pancakes and more!

Where can I go for dinner?

You can enjoy an artisanal dinner at Familyrestaurant Molenwaard on Family Resort Molenwaard. The menu consists of a wide selection of authentic dishes made with local produce. You can also visit 'De Frieterie' on the village square for chips and snacks or a tasty kids' box. We also have Pietza bakers who make the most delicious Pietzas for you. For dessert, enjoy delicious farmhouse ice cream at 'Het IJskuipje'.

Can I cast a fishing rod in the natural lake?

Fishing is allowed from the porch in a Kinderdijk Cottage/ Woezel and Pip Cottage. Are you not staying in a Kinderdijk Cottage/ Woezel and Pip Cottage? Then you may fish from certain spots around the lake. To fish, you need to pick up a fishing license at the Guest Service Desk.

Entertainment and activities

What is the entertainment programme during our stay?

On which days does the parade drive around the townsquare? When is crafts and where are all the Fien & Teun shows? This information can all be found in the entertainment programme. When you check in, you will receive the Molenwaard Courant, which contains the entertainment programme during your stay!

Are there any weekday activities at Family Resort Molenwaard?

Yes! The Molenwaard Family Resort focuses on young families, which is why there is a daily entertainment programme. A week of fun with Fien & Teun guaranteed. Look for all entertainment activities in the Molenwaard Courant.


What are the rules and options for paying?

When making a booking, you will receive a reservation confirmation with a payment link here. Within 14 days after booking you have to make a down payment of 50% of the total travel sum. After making the 1st payment, the booking will be finalized. The remaining amount must be paid no later than 2 months before arrival date.  For arrivals within 2 months, the total amount should be paid immediately. All amounts are quoted in euros and include VAT.

Can we pay for our stay in cash on the spot?

No, this is not possible. The stay must be paid in advance within the specified period via the payment link in the booking confirmation or payment reminders.

Do you accept online payment by credit card?

Payment can be made via the payment link in the reservation confirmation. Here the desired payment method can be selected. It is possible to make the payment via your Visa/Mastercard.

What happens if the outstanding amount is not paid on time?

If, after written or electronic reminders, you do not fulfil your payment obligation within 14 days, we have the right to cancel your booking immediately. If we are not in possession of the total amount due on the day of arrival, we are entitled to deny you access to the holiday accommodation.  At all times the total amount due must be paid before entering the accommodation.

Other matters

Can I enter and exit the park whenever I want?

Yes, you can. Via My Family Rersort Molenwaard you can enter the car registration number, after which you can drive through the barrier. You can also give the license plate number at Guest Services during check-in.

Is it allowed to barbecue at my accommodation?

Yes you can. It is even possible to order a completely carefree BBQ package from The Kruidenier no later than 24 hours beforehand. This includes a gas barbecue, which will be delivered to the accommodation on the day itself. It is also possible to order a separate barbecue for €20.00 per day. Would you like to bring your own barbecue? Of course you can. Please note: only gas and electric barbecues are allowed at the accommodations.

I will have a lodger.What is the charge for this and what is included?

How nice that someone is coming to stay! A guest pays €29.95, including a made bed, access to Adventurepark Molenwaard, and access to Playbarn Molenwaard. The amount does not include tourist tax per night.

I want to stay longer than 21 days at Vakantiepark Molenwaard.Is this possible?

This is possible. You can contact

May we take one extra person in the accommodation than the number for which the accommodation is intended?

It is not allowed to stay in the accommodation with more people than stated for safety reasons. A baby also counts as a full person.

Can I visit Holiday Park Molenwaard as a non-holiday guest?

Of course, you are welcome too! Have fun at Playbarn Molenwaard, visit De Kruidenier with a wide range of local produce or enjoy a delicious lunch or artisanal dinner at Family Restaurant Molenwaard.

Are there any pet-friendly (hotel) accommodations?

Of course, pets are also welcome! We have a selection of pet-friendly accommodation. Select the characteristic 'pets allowed' in the search and book function on our website and you will see all available accommodation in the desired period. Is it not working? Then contact us viva +31 (0)184 784 078 or

Do you sell gift cards?

Yes, that is possible! The amount for the gift certificate is up to you. Gift certificates can be picked up at Family Resort Guest Services. Prefer to receive them by mail? Please contact us at